You want your balance on Charlie Sheen?

Nice. Some ATMs in London are offering cockney rhyming slang as a language option, and ATMs in Vatican City used to use Latin (the practice was discontinued in 2011). Via kottke.org.

Here's a list of "money-related cockney terms":
  • Sausage and mash (cash)
  • Cab rank (bank)
  • Barrel of lard (card)
  • Huckleberry Finn (pin number)
  • Balance on Charlie Sheen (screen)
  • Balance on Fleet Street (paper print out)
  • Lady Godiva (£5)
  • Speckled hen (£10)
  • Horn of plenty (£20)
  • Pony (£25)
  • Double top (£40)
  • Dog and bone (top up mobile phone)
  • Nigel Manselled (transaction cancelled)

Or Latin?

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