Best wedding proposal. Ever.


  1. Oh!!!!!! W W O W W!!!!!!
    Thank you SO much for posting this!
    I spent the whole way through, tears streaming and laughing at the same time.
    What a lovely lovely thing to do!

    I'd like to place a link to this if you don't mind? Although not being at all a techno I'm not sure I'll be able to do it.
    Your comment today made me smile, the one you left about the gardener who lifted all your carefully planted crack-filling flowers. But for some reason it won't publish on my blog, not sure why, once again the gremlins are about, but I wanted to let you know I received it just the same and want to thank you kindly for visiting.

  2. I spent all afternoon yesterday negotiating traffic to a specialist appointment where the news was not fantastic, then all the way home (1hr+) to then make dinner and do baths and homework and all the rest.

    This morning was a hellzone of a wet bed, all children up way to early, a massive tantrum about me giving toast to a brother even though he'd said he didn't want it and then taking our eldest (disabled) son to the dentist and then for mouth x-rays.

    My life is not that pretty at the moment, full of stress and worry and anxiety-laden days.

    This? This made me ball my eyes out in joy and happiness. For them yes, but also for reminding me that love, family and friends are all that matter. And my life is rich with those things.

    Thank you.