Yelp (with apologies to Allen Ginsburg).

created by Tiffany Shlain and narrated by Peter Coyote.


A Bit of Late Winter Pessimism.

Embarrassed Republicans Admit They've Been Thinking of Eisenhower Whole Time They've Been Praising Reagan:

The misplaced adulation of Reagan has reportedly affected more than just Republican rhetoric, and seems to have had an impact on policy. Former president George W. Bush told reporters he "honestly thought" everyone wanted him to follow in Reagan's footsteps, which led him to emulate the 40th president's out-of-control deficit spending, fealty to the super-rich, and illegal wars.

Thanks for the laughs, Onion.

In other news: simple charts explain how 90% of Americans get almost nothing. (Hint: it's "class warfare" when working people want a fair wage and health insurance. via Wonkette.)

Notice the correct spelling and grammar on the signs (huffpost via google).

And I didn't even mention the Koch brothers (via fresh air).



Here's mine:

This came out of the oven about an hour ago (recipe via pinterest and evilshenanigans):

Just got The Decemberists new album, The King is Dead, from the library. Can't wait to listen:
(Update: just listened. Terrific album, but they had Gillian Welch and only used her as a backup vocal?? For shame, Mr. Meloy.)

How To Die in Oregon. Showing at the Portland International Film Festival this weekend. Update: this movie is powerful, difficult to watch, and very, very good. See it on HBO this spring if you can.



Ronald Reagan has become "He Who Must Not Be Named" at our dinner table because my kids have heard me disparage him so often. Things have been even rougher lately due to all the RR-worship going on by the Republicans. Thanks to a link from the terrific Self-Styled Siren, I had the pleasure of reading this little antidote from James Wolcott.

collage by Grete Stern, 1949.


Science Valentines

I'm not into Valentine's Day, but I couldn't resist posting these:

from stephoodle's etsy shop, via pinterest.


Current obsessions, part two

Neutral colors.

(River Birch texture photo by Blake Hall.)

(from the brilliant Martha McQuade.)

(via Ill Seen, Ill Said)

(via Pinterest

Rings. I've never worn many rings until the past year or so. Now I am slightly obsessed. Nothing dainty, either.

I have gradually collected a few rings from Jessi Taylor's Etsy shop. Here are some of my favorites (not all mine, sadly):

Anne Arden McDonald is a sculptor in Brooklyn. She says, "I wanted to make rings with content, pieces that would be intimate and symbolic to the wearer, which was something I didn't see in the world around me." Her rings are organic, a little bit rugged, always graceful.

A few more--

This is a dark drusy with diamond by Jamie Joseph:

And a Helix ring from Leah Sakellarides:


Steve Edge

"Dress for a party, and the party will come to you."

(link via Cerre, more about Steve here.)