On the Limits of Memory

"...the new science of memory tells us that remembering is just that: a story. Memories are not stashed away, fully formed, in the vaults of the brain; they are constructed, when needed, according to the demands of the present. And they are soberingly fragile as a result. You can have vivid memories for things that never happened, and you can come away with only the sketchiest recollections of events that actually did." More here.

This is very appealing to me, and probably the basis for a lot of my art. (Some new drawings coming soon, by the way!)

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Charles and Ray Eames ad for Polaroid

This is gorgeous.

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Bonus pic of Ray Eames:


How to Brood Without Getting Depressed

Apparently, the Russians know how to do this well:
When Russians engaged in brooding self-analysis, they were much more likely to engage in self-distancing, or looking at the past experience from the detached perspective of someone else. Instead of reliving their confused and visceral feelings, they reinterpreted the negative memory , which helped them make sense of it. According to the researchers, this led to significantly less “emotional distress” among the Russian subjects. (It also made them less likely to blame another person for the event.) Furthermore, the habit of self-distancing seemed to explain the striking differences in depressive symptoms between Russian and Americans. Brooding wasn’t the problem. Instead, it was brooding without self-distance.

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Tarkovsky's Nostalghia (image via Pour Porter)

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Twilight Zone Love

It's a shame this tribute has to be silent (due to copyright kerfuffle), but even so.  Nobody does it better than Rod Serling.

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I really like Billykirk. They make beautiful, useful, well-constructed things. Perhaps a bit expensive, but their work will last for years and years, and not be out of style in 15 minutes. Secret Forts has an post that is filled with pictures of Chris and Kirk Bray's work space in New Jersey here.