Traditional, I think.

Bread, and knowing how to make it. If you're the least bit intimidated, read this. (p.s. Laurie Colwin has been one of my favorite writers since I discovered her in the 80s.)

images and more inspiration from King Arthur Flour.


Etsy Finds!

Thought it was time for another one.

First up, landarcht's White Sycamore shop has the most beautiful leather bags I've seen in a long time. They are updated editions of vintage styles.

Here are their versions of the mason's tool bag:

A mailman messenger bag, based on a 1950s version:

Or a classic tote bag:
They have smaller leather goods, too.

I'm really hoping claymates pottery will make more of these hedgehog bowls:

But this jewelry bowl with a little brown bird is nice too (earrings go in the holes, rings and bracelets in the center:

These organic linen large-sized bath towels:

This is an expense that really seems worth it to me. Linen is more absorbent than cotton, gets softer with each washing, and will outlast just about any other towel. These are made from high-quality Lithuanian linen and are 39" x 59".  This shop also sells fabric, clothing, and table linens. Check it out.

MerinoMe's eco-friendly, handmade, machine-washable New Zealand wool leggings:

Kittenpop is a dear friend of mine, and I am enchanted by her photography!
Hard choice between this pink elephant:

or gak. So cute!

My love for anatomical jewelry continues. Exhibit A:

I'll keep on adding more as I get inspired!


Lynda Barry

I'm a huge fan of cult cartoonist Lynda Barry. I was thrilled to stand behind her in line at the credit union in Chicago in the mid-1980s. Matt Groening proposed to her and she dated Ira Glass (who she identifies as her "worst boyfriend"). She! Is! So! Cool!

She was on npr's Talk of the Nation yesterday. I tuned in too late to hear the whole interview, but here's the archived audio. Brilliant and humane as always. I may need to try this to get out of my block.

Find her work at Powell's Books.