The shop is open!

I have no fingernails left, and haven't had a good night's sleep in a week (lost shipment hasn't turned up yet), but the shop is open!


I'm going to go have a big glass of wine...


Gremlins afoot

A shipment of clothing from France has gone (temporarily, I hope) missing. I spent an entire afternoon writing up a full page of store policies and it vanished into the internet aether, never to be seen again. Functions that should be working on the store website are not. Shipping labels are not printing properly (after years of doing so just fine)...




The trailer for the new Joss Whedon film "Much Ado" reminded me that I've owned this cd for years. This song (by far my favorite from the album) is perfect for today.

I made steel-cut oats this morning, enhanced (or adulterated, depending on your point of view) with toasted hazelnuts and dried wild blueberries.

One of the benefits of owning a greyhound: I discovered a very nice little paved walking trail in my neighborhood. I've lived in this area 12 years and never knew it existed. It's back behind a nursing home/apartment complex. The woods it goes through isn't particularly pretty (lots of blackberry brambles, english ivy, and dead/fallen branches), but it gives me trees and quiet. There are benches placed throughout (for the benefit of the seniors living nearby, I'm guessing). Looking forward to visiting often.

p.s. I want my hour back.



Well, we had a day or two of sunshine and temperatures in the 50s, which made us all get our hopes up here in the Pacific Northwest. But of course, the weather returned to its mildew-inducing rain and chilly temperatures.

The Hound donates blood every 3 months at the local veterinary blood bank (turns out retired racing  greys make excellent universal blood donors). It was a long drive in the heavy rain, but his donation is so much appreciated and he gets lots of love and treats from the great staff at the hospital, as well as a quick check-up, so it's worth it. He's very calm about the whole business, as long as he gets his treats.

In between ordering and receiving for the shop (it's odd ordering things for summer and next winter simultaneously), I decided to make some comfort food-- in this case a cream of tomato soup recipe from the smitten kitchen (skipping the grilled cheese tonight, but it's an excellent recipe too). Listening to Joshua Bell play Gershwin's But Not for Me, drinking my favorite cheap white wine from new French glasses. I'll have the soup with a big salad and some nice warm bread. Ahhh. Who cares if it's cold and rainy?


from smitten kitchen


The new blog is up!

The Quotidienne blog is up.

The shop is still under construction, but you can click the link and see some of the designers I'll be carrying... I'll be setting up email notifications for the shop itself in the coming weeks.

Whew, there's still lots to do and much to learn. Back to work for me...


Here is a hint of things to come in the spring. The bulletin board in my studio, where I'm posting pictures of things ordered for the shop, making sure it all works together.

(Notice the Tarot cards at the top: Strength and The Fool. Story of my life.)