Current obsessions, part one

Been spending more time in the studio lately and less online.

Here are a few things I'm a little obsessed with lately:

Linen. The real thing. I got one of these wonderful linen bath sheets for Christmas (previously seen in an "Etsy Finds" post). It's huge, it's soft, dries fast, and if I take care of it, it'll last forever. But now I want more linen things.

Like this apron from Fog Linen Work:

Or bed linens:

All things Scandinavian. I've had this one on and off ever since I was a teenager. One of these days I will go there, but in the meantime, I'm enjoying my private version of the Scandinavian aesthetic.

(landscapes by Swedish photographer Elinor Wermeling.)

(Aalto vase.)

(Swedish barn house found via Pinterest.)

(Interiors via From Scandinavia With Love, here and here.)

(found via Pinterest.)

(all from Hope Stockholm's A/W 2010 collection.)


You're Not the Only Oyster in the Stew

Fats Waller, recorded with his "Rhythm" ensemble on September 28, 1934, featuring Herman Autrey on trumpet, Mezz Mezzrow on clarinet, Albert Casey on guitar, Floyd O' Brien on trombone, Billy Taylor on bass, and Harry Dial on drums.


Zazie dans le Metro

If Bugs Bunny was a little French girl. Directed by Louis Malle (1960).


The Coats of Edward Gorey.

From the Paris Review (via LuxLotus):
Over the years, Edward Gorey collected twenty-one fur coats, which he was notorious for wearing with Converse sneakers, often to the New York City Ballet. Sometime in the eighties, however (he died in 2000), Gorey seems to have had a change of heart. He opened portions of his home to a family of raccoons that finally settled in the attic. According to a tour guide at the Edward Gorey House, this was an act of penance; Gorey felt guilty for wearing their fur.


"Everything should be made as simple as possible..but not simpler." Albert Einstein

Words to live by. Via Martha McQuade.


In flight

(found via here, still looking for original credit-- maybe here?)


Three Basic Recipes

From Mark Bittman of the New York Times:
People are cooking less than ever before... Yet Americans watch 35 hours of television a week, according to a Nielsen survey. (Increasing amounts of that time are spent watching other people cook). (italics mine)
This is a good article about how and why to start cooking for yourself, without fuss.
Find the recipes here, here, and here.