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I have loved this Japanese shop from afar for several years now. Gorgeous stuff, very minimalist and beautifully made, so old-fashioned that it looks modern. The clothes are pretty expensive and not available in the U.S. as far as I know. But I love the presentation and aesthetic of this shop. It's a delight just to browse the website and get visual inspiration. (Click on collection to see individual items.)

Says owner Sonya Park:
“Honestly, I am not that clever to come up with 20 new shapes each season!” she demurs. “And when you have really beautiful fabrics, you do not have to do much. It’s like cooking. If you have really beautiful ingredients, half of the work is done.”

Read the article here.


PogoMix + Mary Poppins

More about Pogo here.

Harpo's Blues

RIP, Phoebe Snow. This was my favorite song of hers.


Rat Laughter

Baby Pygmy Goat Stampede

Still trying to spend less time online. For your Sunday Amusement while I go work in the yard:



I am not going to apologize for the lack of blogging these days, since my posts would consist of more rants about right-wing politicians and their idiot followers. You should thank me.

If you need to read something, read the brilliant rant by economist Joseph E Stiglitzhere.