Shakespeare's "Yo Momma" joke.

Flowers and vegetables! Very pretty:

The Basics of Herbs. (with a helpful illustrated chart)

The Open Goldberg Variations. A kickstarter-funded, open-sourced recording of Bach's masterpiece, downloadable for free. This is a newly-released recording by Kimiko Ishizaka, performed on a Bösendorfer 290 Imperial piano in Berlin.

❧ Cary Grant and his Sealyham Terrier, just because:


  1. What a delightful picture of Cary Grant, he certainly had a great sense of humour, and was so darned handsome to boot.

  2. OMG, I love the Goldberg Variations. I used to listen to the Glenn Gould recording every morning. It was my meditation music. And when I clicked through to the link you posted, I found out there is a video of that recording. I had no idea! Not to mention the free downloads... sounds like hours of listening fun. :)

    I haven't commented on your blog but I wanted to let you know that I always find it interesting. (I think I found it via Everyday Beauty.)

  3. Sometimes it's the just becauses that make the post.