I love the smell of schadenfreude in the morning.

Murdochs vow to launch a full investigation:

“Someone has been running News Corp. and as God is my witness I am going to find out who,” thundered the senior Mr. Murdoch.  “I will use Seal Team Six if need be.”
“Right now, we’re trying to figure out who is running the company by process of elimination,” he added.  “So far, the only two people we’ve eliminated are my son James and myself.”
Mr. Murdoch’s son James seemed equally in the dark about some basic matters, including his own place of birth as well as his first and last name.
At one point, when a Member of Parliament asked him to identify his father sitting to his left, the younger Mr. Murdoch said, “I’ve never seen this elderly gentleman in my life.”
via The Borowitz Report.

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