Turtles cause runway closing at JFK airport, start twitter account.

The loudest animal on earth is loud because of its singing penis. No further comment needed.

An especially clever Asian elephant named Neua Un figures out how to make her partner do all the work./Joshua Plotnik, University of Cambridge:

Just because I like this:

My man:
Serling’s life story is certainly an interesting one, with his mordant point of view being shaped early on by his experiences as a paratrooper and in a death-prone demolition squad in World War II, a setting that is always a bonus for biopics. The horrible things Serling witnessed there went on to shape his storytelling in various formats but most notably on The Twilight Zone, where he would orchestrate twisty morality plays that often ended horribly for their protagonists, all while Serling just stood there, chain-smoking and immutable, because it’s about time you learned that life is horrible.
Biopic in the works. (story here)

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