Friday Night Etsy Favorites

I have some friends who really like my Etsy picks and have asked me to post favorites on my blog, so here goes.

Brown sleeveless dress from larimeloom. Her other clothes look equally beautiful and well-made.

If I needed another scarf, I'd love this charmingly hand-stitched linen one. Looks like it would be great for spring and summer. From Sandra Eterovic, who also made this very amusing French Beret Mirror:

Then there is this cute beach-cottage end table from Poppycottage:

I love this beautiful Wordy Butterfly Mobile from RoyalBuffet, made from vintage dictionary pages, french magazines, and a recycled record jacket. It reminds me of the Paul Villinsky butterflies I posted about earlier.

Handmade Turkish Towels from Istanbul:

Rose thorn necklace from jivita:

Enjoy your weekend!

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