Etsy Finds

Here is a mixed bag of goodies from etsy:

Some of my favorite new clothing makers seem to be on hiatus right now, so I'll wait to post those finds, but I just discovered this shop, and everything looks great. Sounds like he really takes care with his work, and he has a good eye. Among other things, I really like this simple shift dress:

hannasboutique has all sorts of lovely things made from Marimekko fabrics (a favorite of mine):

figs and ginger makes "forest inspired" and really cute jewelry:

I don't know why, but I have developed a thing for vintage Soviet watches. This one is my favorite. Too bad I don't wear a watch very often these days, but I still love to check out ClockworkUniverse:

And while I'm on the subject of watches, how cool are these steampunk pocketwatch necklaces from de poppenkraal?

I got my son a flying tortoise tee shirt from misnopales. He loves it so much I have to yell at him to take it off so I can launder it once in a while! Lots of funny Day of the Dead-themed stuff at this shop, too.

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