Some interesting links  I've found lately (I've been putting some on the Quotidienne FB page, but not everyone sees them):

✚The Spring-Autumn Project by the artist Qozop, who switched the outfits of younger/older pairs of relatives in a really lovely photo montage. There is also a nice article by Amanda Lee Koe about the exhibit.

source: qozop.com, via the improvised life

✚35 profiles of fabulous gentlewomen.

Sofie Gråbøl in The Gentlewoman.

17 Feel-Good French Films you should stream on Netflix (via French Girl in Seattle)

The Taste of Others

✚Terrific blog post by Garance Doré about women/ageing/fashion and how the problems is not one-sided. Who is imposing standards on whom? Sales go down when clothing is shown on older models. How do we get ourselves out of this particular feedback loop?

✚Everyone seems to be talking about T Magazine's essay about Phoebe Philo and "Quiet Power Dressing" (I had kind of hoped that "power dressing" was dead and buried, but apparently not).

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  1. Hi there really enjoyed reading the profiles of gentlewomen, especially Tilda Swinton and Susan Sarandon. Thanks for that.