How have I been around so long and not known about MessyNessy ("Blogging on the offbeat, the unique, and the chic")?? I have fallen deep into a gorgeous rabbit hole of charming storefronts, tiny little backstreet shops, funky cafes... well, just take a look.

From 20 of the most charming little shopfronts:

or, 10 places to have un cafe in Paris:

I can vouch for this one, I spent a delightful afternoon here with my kids a few years ago.

I am, as they say, ensorcelled.

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  1. Well that word 'ensorcelled' had me and the Chambers Concise dictionary stumped. I had to Google..... ah ha!
    enchanted, fascinated. Well I've learnt a new one today.

    That Cafe in Paris looks the business, I wish I was there now.