"We never said we wanted it all"

Terrific essay by Ruth Rosen, about what happened when feminism was co-opted by the "the media, consumerism and the therapeutic self-help movements" and was turned into a individualistic quest for "fulfillment".
By 1965, young American women activists in Students for a Democratic Society asked themselves what would happen to America’s children if women worked outside the home. Activists in the women’s movement knew women could never have it all, unless they were able to change the society in which they lived.
At the August 1970 march for Women’s Strike for Equality, the three preconditions for emancipation included child care, legal abortion and equal pay. “There are no individual solutions,” feminists chanted in the late sixties. If feminism were to succeed as a radical vision, the movement had to advance the interests of /all/ women.

You can read it in full at AlterNet.

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