Video of Pierre Auguste Renoir painting in his studio (1917), found via Tywkiwdbi:
For 44 years a small disc-shaped metal canister rested in a closet at the Comparative Literature Department's office in Boylston Hall. Nobody opened it. Nobody knew what it was...

From the Guardian: 500 new fairytales discovered in Germany.
A whole new world of magic animals, brave young princes and evil witches has come to light with the discovery of 500 new fairytales, which were locked away in an archive in Regensburg, Germany for over 150 years. The tales are part of a collection of myths, legends and fairytales, gathered by the local historian Franz Xaver von Schönwerth (1810–1886) in the Bavarian region of Oberpfalz at about the same time as the Grimm brothers were collecting the fairytales that have since charmed adults and children around the world.