Yeah, Happy Halloween.

This article and the accompanying photos are making the rounds of the internets this week:

Such lovely people, those foreclosure lawyers. Wonder what the party theme will be this year?

And the CEO of Bank of America is incensed that regular people are ticked off at his company. Poor thing.

An excellent comment from Daily Kos member mmacdDE (extra points for the Princess Bride reference):

I too, believe in small govt (9+ / 0-)
But I don't think it means what they think it means.
To me, it means that the police don't break down my door because my kid downloaded some music. It means that I don't have to satisfy some religious nut if I want birth control or need an abortion. It means that no govt agency reads my email, wiretaps my phone, or cares who I fall in love with.
I'd like it if govt was streamlined, if duplicate regulations were deleted, if fraud, waste, and abuse were seriously dealt with. But I don't want all regulations thrown out the window.
To me, that's small govt. And doing that would save everybody money.

I'm not sure I even need Halloween this year, things are scary enough. But yes, I have several bags of candy bars (lots of chocolate) to hand out. I loved Halloween as a kid, and I still love a good dose of ghost stories and monster movies.

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