Occupy Portland

  photo from @Vanadia at twitter

I went to the march yesterday, it was good. I think I've been to too many marches to become really exhilarated at the prospect of changing things, but glad to be there to show my support. No, I didn't take any pictures (shame!shame! bad Blogger!)-- but everyone else and their aunt Sally was taking them so I figured there'd be plenty floating around. This one (above) I think, is the best. It sums up the general energy around this particular event. A volunteer wrote the phone number of the National Lawyers Guild on my arm with a purple Sharpie pen (just in case the mood changed from the pic above). Lots of good will from bystanders. The march passed a strip joint and even the strippers came out to watch and cheer us on. The weather held, too. News media says 5,000 attended and organizers say 10,000. I'm thinking it's somewhere between those two numbers. There were a lot of us, all ages. We must have taken up six blocks of wide downtown streets and when the march stopped at Pioneer Square, it was jammed and overflowed. My friend and I couldn't get into the square at all. We. Are. The 99 Percent!

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