Things for the shop, which is to be called Quotidienne, are progressing. I'm still planning to open some time next month.

My professional dress form (which for now will be my model), just arrived the other day. She needs a name-- any ideas?

I've received some beautiful scarves, and a few gorgeous handmade bags from the Netherlands will be on their way soon... and a local bag maker is working on a collaboration with me to make a small clutch. I spent part of an afternoon last week at her studio looking at leathers and talking design. It was a delight.

My studio has been cleaned and rearranged. One wall is covered in photographs of the clothing I'm considering for the shop. I want to see everything together, so it flows, and things can be worn together, even if they are from different designers. 

In the meantime, I am working 7 days a week... any free time is spent walking the greyhound, keeping my house relatively organized, doing yoga, and sleeping. I'm having a blast.


  1. what an exciting venture. plus yoga, greyhound...everything good!

  2. How exciting! How about 'Dienne'? For her name?
    Everything sounds just spot-on, enjoy!