"Window Licking"*

*lèche-vitrine in French (a more poetic term for "window shopping").

Current lusts:
These shoes from etsy. Yes, I know they're summer shoes, but I want them. Black or grey?

Look at this gorgeous cashmere cable sweater. In Cloud. (No, don't look at the price. This is just for fun.)
From the new online boutique Mill Mercantile, found via Lovejoy.

Nice Lab Coat from Black Crane (great designs from a husband-and-wife duo Alexander Yamaguchi and Momoko Suzuki):

And can you "window-lick" an entire blog? I am confessing to more than a little envy of this woman's blog/life. She's talented, lovely, makes her own very stylish clothes, has 4 (correction: 6!) photogenic children and a beautiful house. Did I mention she is French? It's always a pleasure to discover a thoughtful new blog.


  1. wahoo... thx a lot! ;-)
    (we have 6 children, but only 4 are young enough for appreciate their paparazzo mama.... )