Small indulgences

This is the week that I drive The Elusive Boy off to college (The Hound will accompany us, of course).


via Pinterest

Or in my case, a bottle of cheap sparkling Pinot Grigio from Trader Joes.

I'm treating myself this month, needless to say. Gotta get through somehow.

The best red lipstick I've come across in a long, long time (maybe ever, and that's saying a lot for me):

Source: google.com via LB on Pinterest

Armani's Rouge d'Armani 403, a rich bordeaux red

Source: beautyhabit.com via LB on Pinterest

Christophe Robin's Regenerating Hair Mask, got it with a sale code at BeautyHabit (because it's expensive, believe me). Only a small amount is needed each use (it's very rich) and it makes my hair look fabulous, if I do say so myself. Worth every penny.

And I just ordered this from Etsy (another sale code!). I hope it's half as beautiful and useful as it looks (UPDATE: It is!)...
Handmade black deerskin bag with calfskin lining from DalleDieMani.
In keeping with my rules (one-in-one-out), I have to sell one of my other bags. Now, to decide which one...


  1. I want a full report on that bag as I was clicking over to see if I might purchase it and YOU HAD ALREADY DONE SO.

  2. Hope all went well with the College Boy, and that lipstick is a definite, your new bag looks smashing, and as for the Pinot Grigio...Cheers!