Happy New Year!

Looking forward to a cozy night in with my kids. I am making Mark Bittman's Cassoulet with Lots of Vegetables, to serve with a big salad, loaf of crusty multigrain bread, and a bottle of Malbec.  For dessert, Pear Gingerbread with whipped cream. Later, we'll make popcorn, light a big fire in the fireplace and watch some Marx Brothers and Errol Flynn movies. Good times!

The Pear Gingerbread is a recipe based on one of Laurie Colwin's. I love her writing and it's time to re-read her novels and short stories (my favorite is The Lone Pilgrim). Several of the recipes from her book More Home Cooking are staples in my kitchen (the Buttermilk Cocoa Cake is a standout).

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  1. We've had some sticky toffee pudding and are watching the blu-rays of Star Wars.