Versatile Blogger Award

My lovely internet pal Zuzu from  Everyday Beauty Blog has tagged me with this award. If you have any interest in gorgeous makeup and quality skin care, you need to check her out. Her reviews and photos are tops. Plus she is smart and funny (who wouldn't love someone who subtitles their blog "carpe cosmeticum"?). Thanks, Z!

The rules for this tag are:
  • Kiss the ring of the person who nominated you and link back to her (or his) blog in your post.
  • Share 7 facts about yourself that probably no one but your cat cares about.
  • Pass the award on to 15 other bloggers.
  • Contact your nominees and let them know you've tagged them. 
Like Zuzu, I'm going to disobey the last rule-- see note below.
Ring is kissed (see first paragraph).

7 Facts No One Cares About:
1. I have 2 small, delightful tortoises. They are laid-back, quite sociable, and have a mildly cynical attitude.
2. I won the "Straightest Arrow Award" at Girl Scout Camp when I was ten years old.
3. I have been to Paris 3 times and have still never climbed the Eiffel Tower.
4. An incident that really happened to me and my husband appeared in a stranger's short story/memoir several years later. (I know it's us, because it happened in the same Italian town in the same apartment.)
5.  My great-great grandfather, a Union soldier, escaped from the infamous southern prison Andersonville with a Native American friend (they were recaptured). This was a few years after he deserted from the British Navy by jumping ship in an American harbor.
6.  I adore accordion music (polkas, not so much). Too bad Bach didn't write anything for the accordion.
7.  I always break chain letters. It's just the way I am.

I actually know very few bloggers personally, online or otherwise (can I help it if my friends don't blog? I ask you). So what I'm going to do is simply pass on 15 blogs I really enjoy (along with Zuzu's, of course).

Self-Styled Siren: She blogs about old movies. I don't always agree with The Siren's opinions about said old movies, but I always enjoy reading what she has to say.

TYWKIWBI ("Tai-Wiki-Widbee"):  Find out about things you didn't know you wanted to find out about.

Hello, Neëst:  Lovely blog from French housewares store Neëst.

Smitten Kitchen: Best. Recipes. Ever.

The School of Life: If you look through some of my past posts, you will see I often refer to this blog. A regular read.

Morbid Anatomy: A veritable panoply of morbidity! Go see for yourself!

emma's design blog: When I've had enough morbidity and want me some cool Scandinavian design goodness, I go here.

say la vee:   I found this blog through my latest addiction, Pinterest. Blackbirdintuvalu is one of my very, very favorite pinners-- I swear it's spooky, the stuff she pins! Is she in my head? Plus, she also has a 17 year-old-son! Anyway, this is her blog. Enjoy.

even*cleveland:  A daily read.

ancient industries: Very fun visual blog about, well, ancient industries, both living and extinct.

Margaret and Helen: Sharp, smart, and funny political notes from an 82-year-old Texan that frequently make me laugh out loud. Here's an example, just in case you were wondering: ..."I find it odd because I know that Rick Perry, the Governor of my state, is really upset about how big government has gotten.  Evidently it’s not big enough, however, because ‘ole Ricky seems to think its small enough to crawl up my vagina with a sonogram machine and a recorder so that Ricky can tell me how to think based on what God whispers in his ear when no one else is around."

Accidental Mysteries: Terrific online arts magazine.

Jonah Lehrer's Wired Science: Helps satisfy my inner science geek.

grijs: Visual inspiration.

an ambitious project collapsing:  Even more visual inspiration.

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  1. I fell of your watch list! Rectifying that immediately. Meanwhile, I am intensely curious about your #4 and fascinated by #5.

    LOL the 14 year old boy in me comes out. The captcha word is butcake.