I don't read Daily Kos too often any more, but this comment in a diary about Wisconsin is too good not to pass on:

  It is two issues (31+ / 0-)
but people who should know better and still vote for Republicans should be held accountable.  I know plenty of people who fit DM's description to a tee.
I want to scream (but instead choose to ridicule) all those people I know who realize the Dems are "for the little guy" and still vote against them.
I am thinking of seniors who think that because they have a Million in marketable securities that their interest align more with the Koch brothers.  They don't want to think of themselves as "the little people" and that government is all about how over-taxed they are.   They really are morons.  Once the Republicans take away their Medicare and they need to actually shell out for their stents or spend a month in an ICU they are going to feel real poor pretty quick, Schwab account or not.
Same for those who think they are the rich and pay too much in taxes because they make 100k or 200k or 300k a year.  That is chicken scratch to the Koch brothers and if is far, far too little to make you bullet proof from what life could sling at you.  A little savings in taxes won't mean a thing if you or one of your kids have a pre-existing condition, die due to tainted food or medicine or an unsafe vehicle,  an uninspected airplane, a bad bridge, unmaintained gas pipelines dating from the last century.  These morons fail to realize that they are one illness, one bad diagnosis, one insured flood, away from financial ruin but for a government safety net.
Ooh, "I will pay less in taxes!" they think.  They never both to calculate the real cost of those decisions. They are bascially exchanging Manhattan for a few shiny glass beads.  And I have even more contempt for the Not Joe the Not Plumbers of the World, who truly are the little guy but through delusion and hubris function only in their fantasy world where they are horrified at how much tax they are going to have to pay when they win the lottery.  Better take some action against that now!
I know well off seniors on Medicare railing against socialized medicine and "Obamacare" and afraid of any changes at all because they heard through the grapevine that there are no knee replacements in Canada for anyone over 55 (a proven GOP based lie).  They could care less if their own kids and grandkids can get coverage AT ALL as long as the possibility of more or less free knee replacement for them stays on the table.  And then when they vote these Republicans in and they repeal Medicare, these same folks will be the whiners.  They will use the GOP refrain  that "no one could have forseen".
It is all forseeable.  Perfectly predictable.
Republicans think Social Security is a Ponzi scheme and Medicare is socialism.  Their end game is to abolish both Medicare and Social Security.
Republicans think clean air and clean water belong to no one (rather than everyone) are there for the taking.  If someone is spewing cancer causing chemicals into your water supply - that is your problem.
Republicans think corporations should be able to sell products that are dangerous and foods that are unsafe and if you have a problem with that, don't buy it.  That way the "invisible hand of the market" will magically force companies to offer safe products and food and will counteract the irresistable force that says "I need to sell the least safe and functional product I can get away with." And to aid you in making your decision as part of the "market."Republicans don't want the corporations to have to disclose anything about how the product is made or what is in it.  If you want that information - get it for yourself.  Of course, if the company wants to give you safety information - maybe it gives them a competive edge, well Republicans don't want that either.  That is why they have made it illegal for small beef companies to test their cattle for mad cow disease and trumpet their good results.  They can't have thta because it might make big campaign donors who don't do the same look bad.
And even though Republicans claim the "market" can work in part by punishing bad actors through lawsuits, they don't want anyone to actually be able to sue - because that is bad for business.  (Unless of course Robert Bork trips in which case the firtst thing he does is sue.)
Though they claim they are interested in freedom, they remain obsessed with how other people choose to (or choose not to) worship, what they do in their bedrooms,  what they discuss with their doctors, what medical treatments they receive (poor Terri Shiavo).  Republicans want to probibit, ban and outlaw anything with which they don't agree.
The Republicans are perfectly clear about all of these things.  And many others.
Otherwise smart people voting against their own economic and civic interests out of short term greed need to be held accountable for their stupidity.  They really do.
Newt Gingrich: Believes marriage is between one man and a series of ever younger women. Wife #1 born ~ 1936, divorced when in her mid-40s...Wife #2 born ~1947, divorced when in her mid-40s...Wife #3 born ~1966.
Just for the record: my grandfather was a fireman, my dad was a union man, my husband was a teacher, and in my 20s, I was a negotiator for my union (SEIU). Some history here.

It's not only Wisconsin, it's Indiana, Idaho, Michigan, and Ohio as well. 

Labor Day Parade, Buffalo, NY, 1900.

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  1. wow, i love this segment!
    It is brutally honest ans it is exactly what i want to present to these little morons who whine about the government from whose policies they benefit.