Current obsessions, part two

Neutral colors.

(River Birch texture photo by Blake Hall.)

(from the brilliant Martha McQuade.)

(via Ill Seen, Ill Said)

(via Pinterest

Rings. I've never worn many rings until the past year or so. Now I am slightly obsessed. Nothing dainty, either.

I have gradually collected a few rings from Jessi Taylor's Etsy shop. Here are some of my favorites (not all mine, sadly):

Anne Arden McDonald is a sculptor in Brooklyn. She says, "I wanted to make rings with content, pieces that would be intimate and symbolic to the wearer, which was something I didn't see in the world around me." Her rings are organic, a little bit rugged, always graceful.

A few more--

This is a dark drusy with diamond by Jamie Joseph:

And a Helix ring from Leah Sakellarides:


  1. Hi thanks very much for visiting and your kind comments.
    All these rings are great. I particularly like the one with the swallow and the one with holey surface reminded me of brandy snap biscuits, delicious! I think they are all 'statement rings' and definitely choose the wearer not the other way around! Wonderful.


  2. great finds, I especially like the Helix ring---the other day I was almost about to fall for the complexgeometries/harakiri necklace

  3. thank you so much for stopping by my shop and posting about my helix ring!