Current obsessions, part one

Been spending more time in the studio lately and less online.

Here are a few things I'm a little obsessed with lately:

Linen. The real thing. I got one of these wonderful linen bath sheets for Christmas (previously seen in an "Etsy Finds" post). It's huge, it's soft, dries fast, and if I take care of it, it'll last forever. But now I want more linen things.

Like this apron from Fog Linen Work:

Or bed linens:

All things Scandinavian. I've had this one on and off ever since I was a teenager. One of these days I will go there, but in the meantime, I'm enjoying my private version of the Scandinavian aesthetic.

(landscapes by Swedish photographer Elinor Wermeling.)

(Aalto vase.)

(Swedish barn house found via Pinterest.)

(Interiors via From Scandinavia With Love, here and here.)

(found via Pinterest.)

(all from Hope Stockholm's A/W 2010 collection.)

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