Cool Things

A few cool things to look at:

Look at this beautiful boat sculpture called "The Weaver Girl" by Ann Wood. You can view more of her work here.

Then there is this awesome tower of books, part of an installation by sculptor Matej Kren called "Idiom".
(Photo via Booklust)

Hilarious "Mean Cards". Get 'em here.

And, just for the hell of it, Bugs Bunny makes a fruit salad on Elmer Fudd's head (from the classic "The Rabbit of Seville").


  1. I'm picking up mailart again and looked online for inspiration. I found this link (Julie Heller's art) and I thought you'd appreciate it.


    I love her collages.


  2. Thanks, tania! Her work is fascinating. Close-up, they're interesting collages (love the vintage images and postage stamps)-- you don't recognize them as faces until you see them from farther away.